Webheath Village Hall, Webheath, Redditch, Worcs B97 5SQ

Thursdays 6.30 – 7.45pm 
Junior ju-jitsu (Peewees from age 6 years to 9 years, Juniors from age 10 years)

7.45 – 9pm
Adults & advanced ju-jitsu (age 18 and over)

Principal: Roy Hancock (Shihan 6th Dan Ju-Jitsu, 5th Dan Judo) 

The club is run by Sensei Roy Hancock and Sensei Paul Leavey (5th Dan). Instructors Bob Ofkants (4th Dan), Chris Sole (2nd Dan), Andy Gwyer (2nd Dan), Steve Doubleday (1st Dan) and James Doubleday (1st Dan).

Headed up by principal Roy Hancock (Shihan 6th Dan Ju-Jitsu, 5th Dan Judo), the Yawara Kwai teaches the art of Goshin ju-jitsu. The focus is on self-improvement more than competition and is run on traditional lines of respect and good manners with discipline, within a friendly environment for both male and female students. Our members are from across the social spectrum and all are made welcome.

Sessions include detailed exercises and warm up stretches before students undertake comprehensive practise of ukemi, the art of breakfalling. The club concentrates on various themes from within the ju-jitsu art over 4-6 week periods. These areas are always age and grade appropriate and include: 

Kata practice
Free sparring
Grading syllabus work
Defences to unarmed/armed attacks
Kicks, Strikes, Blocks
Weapon techniques /practice 

Training includes both mat and hard floor practice.

Students are given guidance on exercises and fitness, including areas that can be undertaken safely at home to advance progress and make most efficient use of their time in the dojo.

Opportunities to undertake gradings and to have level of ability assessed in a more formal setting are encouraged, although not compulsory.

Member comments:
“Ju-jitsu gives me more self-confidence” (Molly, 16 years)
“I enjoy learning new techniques” (Sam, age 11 years)
“I enjoy the games!” (Lilly, 9 years)
“Fighting my sister is fun!” (Rosy, 16 years)
“I enjoy being with my friends each week!” (Lauren, 6 years)
“Jujitsu gives opportunity to develop fitness and strength, and is a great social event too.” (Martin, Senior member)
“With regular commitment to ju-jitsu, you develop skills for life.” (Chris, Senior member)