Tora Judo Kai and Bushido Bristol take pride in high standards of discipline and etiquette in line with the general principles of Martial Arts. We ask that you read the follwing carefully and discuss with your club Sensei should you have any concerns.

1. Always respect your Sensei, Sempai, and Kohai, higher grades and those with whom you practice.

2. Respect to others is demonstrated by:

• Bowing in and out of the Dojo and on and off of the Tatami
• Seeking permission to enter or leave the Tatami
• Bowing to your training partner before and after activity
• Remaining quiet and attentive while in the Dojo and adhering to all instructions

3. Adopt self discipline, control, respect and good character both in and out of the Dojo

4. Self respect is illustrated by maintaining personal cleanliness keeping your finger and toe nails short and ensuring that your Gi is free from rips or tears. Long hair should be tied back with a non-metallic hair band and piercings should be removed.

5. Always ensure no jewellery, watches or similar objects are taken onto the Tatami.

6. Always ensure you are appropriately dressed for the art you are practicing.

7. Appropriate footwear should be worn to and from the Tatami and removed before entering.

8. Never eat or drink while on the Tatami

9. Always adhere to club rules as well as Health and Safety guidance

10. Never use language, either verbal or physical, that is threatening or insulting and not in the spirit of Martial Arts.

Failure to adhere to club rules or etiquette could render membership void