Goshin Jitsu Ryu - Yawara Kwai Hanham

Wednesdays: Goshin Jitsu 8pm – 9pm
Adults of 16yrs old +

Goshin Jitsu takes its influences from the traditional martial art of Ju-Jitsu to form a modern self defence system.

Goshin Jitsu works with a wide range of practical, easy to use techniques that you can call on should you need to defend yourself against assailants of any size and shape. We train hard to increase awareness and reactions so we can adapt to any problem we are presented with. Strikes, throws, locks, pressure points, restraint and grappling techniques combine to deal with armed, unarmed and multiple assailants. You will see evidence of techniques from many martial art traditions in Goshin Jitsu. Discipline, control and etiquette are strongly observed and retained from the traditional Ju-Jitsu roots.

The Goshin Jitsu Class is proceeded by a senior and intermediates Judo session. Students from the Goshin Jitsu are more than welcome to attend the Judo session beforehand.

We are located in the John Wesley Memorial Church Hall just behind the Church. Enter through the main gate; follow the path alongside the church and you will see the entrance on the left hand side.

For more information, please contact Steve Chappell by phone on 07920 157348 or email bushidobristol@btinternet.com or Ian Llewellin by phone on 07836 619 600 or email ian.llewellin@btinternet.com

Hanham Dojo
John Wesley Memorial Hall
Bryants Hill

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Mat fees and membership

Ju-Jitsu Mat fee £ 4.50

Judo Mat Fee - Junior (under 18 years of age)
£ 3.50

Judo Mat Fee - Senior (over 18 years of age or attending senior class)

New Junior Membership (includes BBK Membership licence and association badge and TJK club badge)

New Senior Membership (includes BBK Membership licence and association badge and TJK club badge)
£ 40.00

Renewal of Junior Membership (includes BBK renewal)

Renewal of Senior Membership (includes BBK renewal)

We offer a 25% discount off the above prices for additional members after the first two from the same family. Seniors rates (if any applying as part of the family membership) would be counted in the initial two full-priced memberships.