Club Awards Night

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Coach of the Year

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Paul Hepburn

Sensei Paul has battled through many injuries and dedicated his time to running and supporting clubs in Pill and Shirehampton.

He currently holds the rank of 2nd Dan in TJK and 1st Dan BJA. He is also a Level 1 BJA qualified coach. He is first person called on by other instructors for support. His hard work and dedication paid off when he won a Gold medal at the national Kata Championships for Nage no Kata a Bronze medal for Katame No Kata

Ian Llewellin

4th Dan TJK, 3rd Dan BJA. Tall, bald and grumpy. Ian holds Level 2 BJA coaching qualification

Steve Chappell

5th Dan TJK, 3rd Dan BJA, 3rd Dan Goshin Jitsu. Short round and grumpy. Steve holds a Level 2 BJA coaching qualification

Caroline Hooker

3rd Dan TJK, World Masters Gold Medallist, Caroline runs the Lanson branch of TJK in Launceston. She has trained in Japan and is an inspiration to all Judoka. She achieves excellent results from her students despite being located so far away from the other DoJos

Ian Drake

1st Dan TJK, 1st Kyu Goshin Jitsu. Ian runs a lively class in Kingswood for both Judo and Ju-Jitsu. Ian picked up a very respectable 4th place in the British Kata Championships for Goshin Jitsu Kata in a tough international field

Moey Davis

2nd Dan Goshin Jitsu. Sensei Moey may well be evil personified. He has been with the club since before the dawn of time and gives grown men nightmares about straight leg roundhouse kicks and the fear of being on the wrong end of one of his wrist locks. Perhaps the best instructor we have

Alan Poyzer

2nd Dan Goshin Jitsu. Sensei Alan is always available to help and support any students in either Ju-Jitsu or Judo. He is the voice of reason and justice. He is the first person to put the tatami down and has recently taken on the massive job of membership secretary.
Despite his career as the Cuprinol Wood Man and stunt double for Chuck Norris he has never let fame go to his head. If nothing else he should be win a prize for extreme age

Terry Williamson

1st Dan. Sensei Terry has come back to Judo after a long break when he brought his children along to training. Since then he has become the main coach for the primary section at Hanham and won a loyal team of students through excellent rapport, enthusiasm and a technically sound style of coaching. He is always first to put his body on the line as Uke to help support other players.
He recently achieved his technical 1st Dan from the BJA

Paul Thomas

1st Dan. Sensei Paul has worked tirelessly to achieve his BJA technical 1st Dan. He supports his son Connor at competitions all-round the country and is a key contributor to supporting the TJK committee. Paul should be a role model for all students looking for examples of true grit and determination

Iain Bruce

1st Dan TJK. Sensei Iain supports Sensei Caroline at TJK Lanson Judo and is the 3rd member of the trio who has recently worked so hard to achieve his BJA 1st Dan all in the name of supporting the continued development of the club. No distance appears to great for Sensei Iain to travel in the name of supporting Tora Judo Kai making him one of the most committed instructors in our group

Junior Judoka of the year

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Alex Bowell
Alex is a new member to the group who has completely thrown himself into developing his Judo. He trains up to 3 times a week in different TJK DoJo’s. His hard work and dedication is an example to us all. With his hard work has come the rewards of medaling at his first competition and a jump to yellow belt in his first grading

Miya Distefano
Miya is always keen to support the club at grading and competitions as well as helping the younger ones out on a Saturday morning

Finlay Drake
Finlay has been working incredibly hard this year with a gold medal at the recent intra club competition and a good result in his grading.

Tom Kessler
Tom has probably travelled the furthest in his development as a Judo player this year in terms of his skill level and maturity. Tom has shown a real ability for coaching junior judoka

Sam Lloyd-Hall
Sam is a shining star from the junior section at TJK Lanson. He has performed well in competition, studies hard and has supported TJK in national courses. An example of a perfect student

Sophie McCallum
Sophie has shown real improvement this year and is a great help to Sensei Drake on the primary Kingswood session

Connie Riddler
A trailblazer for the new wave of younger competitors. She is the first one from her peers to brave competitive judo paving the way for others to follow

Alfie Turner
A real battler. Always got a smile on his face and has entered two competitions now where he has had to face much older opponents demonstrating real fighting spirit. A true Samurai

Kieran Williamson
Has been training really hard and shown great leaps in ability this year. He has performed well in competition and supported the club at church fete demonstrations

Tristan Wren
Has been flying the flag for TJK at high level competition leading by example as well as always being available to help the younger students.

Senior Judoka of the Year

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Lewis Hepburn
Legend. Lewis has supported Tora Judo Kai since he was 3 years old. If you get opportunity please pester his Dad Sensei Paul for a look at the photos. Lewis had become the backbone of the clubs in Pill earning himself a place on the TJK committee. He also makes great cake and a mean cup of tea

Leeza Matthews
Leeza has really thrown herself into supporting the club, agreeing to take on the mantle of a welfare officer and going through the courses required for this in her personal time. She was singled out by Sensei Hancock at her recent Ju-Jitsu grading for special mention

Jack Penhaligon
Jack is still technically a junior at 16 years old but blasted onto the scene earlier in the year with a great performance at the TJK Intra Club comp at Hanham Dojo. At the grade of Orange belt he proceeded to destroy 3 senior brown belts at the I.B.C Nationals. Not bad for his first year in judo

Matt Sperring
The gentle giant. Matt in a new addition to the club setting a new benchmark for work ethic. His transferred skills from other martial arts have made him a force to be reckoned with. But what is most impressive is his ability to control his skills enabling him to train with any student or instructor at any level

John Stringer
John a judo Dan grade from another group has started Ju-Jitsu and made himself an integral member of our group.
He is courageous always prepared to stand up and be counted. He trains with a fantastic spirit and most importantly brings a great sense of humour to every session

Joe Wakeham
A BJC Dan grade who has joined our group. His support and commitment was the cornerstone to getting Abbeywood Dojo up and running.
Without Joe’s support in those tough early months we would not have succeeded in making Monday nights the vibrant sessions they now are.
Joe’s enthusiasm is infectious always happy to help and support the Judoka around him